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Dashou will install Parking System in Ciudad Mall Venezuela
Date:2012-6-25 10:47:05   

Thanks to advanced features of DASHOU`S Automatic Parking Management System, DASHOU won the bid of Car Parking System for "Ciudad Mall Cumana Venezuela" with 6 entry & 3 exit. Another two parking sites(total 3 entry & 3 exit) which accross the Ciudad Mall will be also installed with the same system. Six set of "ticket dispensing central paymnt system" will be installed soon, which will serve both hourly parkers and season parkers.

For a registered/season parker, he swipes this card onto Entry Station & Exit Station to enter and leave. Or, he can enter and leave without stop if tag on windowshield was read by long range RFID reader at the entry and exit.Live Demo

For a hourly parker, he takes a ticket from unmanned Entry Station to enter; Before leave he comes to the Manual-pay-station which is located in central place instead of the exit, and gives the ticket to the guard, the guard use a scanner to scan it,then he pay cash and the guard return back the paid ticket to him,within given time, he can drive to the exit and insert the paid ticket into unmanned Exit Station,and then Exit Barrier open.Live Demo

Dashou PMS (Parking Management System) is the ideal solution for managing pay-to-park parking lots, for both hourly parkers and season parkers. Composed of Entry Station, Exit Station, Entry Barrier, Exit Barrier, loop Detector, Manual-pay-station, Computer and software, DASHOU PMS makes your parking lots secure, intelligent, high efficient and of course help the owner increase parking profit. Brief Of IPMS

Most importantly, the mall owner will benefit much from this intelligent automatic parking system.

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